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What keeps you awake at night?
How can I fix my cash flow to pay my bills?
How can I increase revenue to become more profitable?
How can I make this year even better than last year?
How can I keep my employees AND be more profitable?
How can I build new business while managing my clients?




With more than 25 years experience, LVO Management Consulting specializes in enterprise growth and turnaround.


We advise businesses on how best to accelerate financial and operational performance through comprehensive financial and business analysis and an evaluation of your business practices and market trends.


Based on our findings, we provide individualized executable plans and recommendations to show you how to boost productivity and profits while lowering costs.


We believe that every business is unique and requires customized, specific care in determining the most effective strategies to implement. 

  • Business Turnaround Strategy

  • Business Development Growth Plan

  • Annual Business Plan Development​

  • ​Monthly Business Monitoring​​

  • Digital Communications Management

  • Hourly Consulting Support

  • Project Management

  • ​Strategic Planning​

  • Business Coaching

  • Resume Writing


Every business is unique and requires specific care in determining the right path.  Business growth can be achieved by focusing on top line revenue and/or by reviewing workflow, managing cash flow and cutting expenses. 

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