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 "How do I find my dream job?"  

"But I'm perfect for that position."


"If I can only get that first interview."

Contact us for a No-Charge Consultation!


This package is for individuals looking to enhance their career for either new job opportunities or further career advancement.    This process often depends on a clear and concise understanding of business accomplishments and how they directly tie to the needs of future employers and/or clients.


Areas of focus:

  • Personal & Professional accomplishments throughout your entire career

  • Developing your business identity (who you want to be)

  • Professional quantifiable results


Documents needed for review include but not limited to:

  • Resume (if available and in ANY Form)

  • Future ideal job description  (Open for discussion & Not necessary)



  • A one-hour Interview to better understand your career history and future goals

  • A new Resume that highlights Professional accomplishments

  • An updated LinkedIn profile

  • A Summary of Recommendations for career advancement


  • Executives

  • Business Professionals

  • Re-emerging Parents​

  • Career Changers​​​

  • Business Owners

  • New Graduates

  • ​Students


"If you are like me, you have not updated your resume in awhile. Much has changed in this arena. Louise was a wizard in taking my existing resume and connecting my experience to the modern day business lingo. Louise focused on my achievements and experience in a result driven format that showcased my accomplishments, not tasks. Louise was successful in highlighting my talents and skills in a fresh way, and understands the current employment criteria." Karen K.

"This first draft is a vast improvement! Coming to you was the right decision. 

I just did the first read-through. You are a brilliant listener and researcher! Several times you hit something spot on and I was thinking, "How did she know that? Did I say that?" Well done and thank you!” Andrea L.

"My resume had gotten stale over time. Working on it had become stressful and circular, and it wasn’t showing off my strengths as well as necessary. Louise at LVO Management Consulting dug into my career and found the nuggets of gold that made a difference. Without the stress! All I had to do was provide some information and answer a few questions. Within a short time I have a polished new resume - with clarity and a focus on overall results - that introduces me to the world in the best way possible."Ken P.

" My college daughter is graduating with a degree in Business and Marketing. On top of that, she wants to work in the entertainment industry. AHHH. Believe it or not, She has gotten interviews with the top people in marketing for NBC, Warner Bros Entertainment, And THE TONIGHT SHOW with Jimmy Fallon!" Marion G.

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