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So often the questions come up...

HOW do I reach more clients?

HOW do I increase traffic?

HOW do I pull it all together?

Well FIRST we must ask ourselves the WHO and WHAT's.

Getting back to basics is often the best approach to moving forward.

1). WHO is your target client. The more specific you can be the better you can hone in on the WHAT to offer them and HOW to reach them.

2). WHAT problems do you help your clients resolve. All clients are looking for solutions, so the better you can target the issues, the better you can serve/sell.

3). HOW do you reach your clients. Understanding what is working and what's not is very critical in making the right go forward choices.

General Recommendations to figuring out the HOW.

1). Solidify/refresh your brand so you can best present your business identity.

2). Create and follow a marketing plan that represents WHAT you sell and targets WHO you want to reach.

3). If using social media platforms remember to share posts to get more reach and engagement.

4). Using tools like Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Print and Email are all solid choices as long as you have a consistent and clear vision of your WHO and WHAT.

To reach Aparna,

To reach Louise,


Louise and Aparna

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